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We love working with Dreamers—even if you use
a different word for dreams. 

Goals, plans, a new business, scaling your current business, 
vacations, security, a home renovation, a college fund
Whatever it is that you want to achieve—those are dreams. 


Grimes & Associates certified accountants are experts in providing up-to-the-minute tax planning advice and financial strategy for both personal and business clients. Through our expertise, we help you turn your dreams into realities.


We are passionate about working with people who don’t fit traditional definitions—
Modern families. LGBTQ couples. 
Domestic partners. Single parents. 
Female entrepreneurs. Self-employed professionals and artists. 
Legacy family businesses transitioning to a new generation of leadership. 
Bloggers. Influencers. 
All of our clients are humans with dreams and obligations and people they love and want to protect.

Whether your dream is to prepare your finances for parenthood, start up a new business, or finally take care of long-neglected tax or financial issues—whatever it is, Grimes & Associates is ready to help.  Everyone has dreams—we’d love to hear about yours. 

We Offer

Your Certified
Business Tax Expert

Expert navigation through the complexities of federal, state, and local government tax regulations, to keep your business safe and tax-compliant.


Your Professional Bookkeepers 

Bookkeeping, record integrations, clean month-end reports, and an expert to translate all these numbers into money-saving strategies that you can implement today.

Your Personal Tax

We can help minimize your tax liability, maximize your investments, and stabilize your future with long-term and short-term tax planning.


With over 25 years of experience working with non-traditional clients, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and vision to help you achieve your dreams.

Once we have a global understanding of your financial history and goals, our team will strategize, guide, and empower you to achieve whatever you've been dreaming about. 


Dacia filed my very complicated multi-state, freelance taxes. She did all the research for me and made it super easy. She's a very easy going, lovely person, which makes something like taxes much less stressful. I'd highly recommend her!

—  Bryn Silverman, Filmmaker  —

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