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Leave no room for error—let a professional do it.

- Integrate bank records and credit card transactions into Quickbooks online

- Prepare month-end financial statements

- Updates to fixed asset schedules

- Post journal entries in Quickbooks online as needed

- Manage transactions, classifications, and expense tracking

- Provide accurate, comprehensive financial information on a timely basis

Tax Planning

We step in to minimize your tax burden and maximize your wealth-building.

- Provide secure electronic access to your records

- Estimate quarterly payment stubs

- Review financials throughout the year

- Ensure all tax strategies are implemented to avoid April 15 surprises

- Retirement planning roadmaps

A Certified Tax Expert

We expertly navigate our changing world on your behalf. 

- Respond to tax notices and correspondence

- File electronically for faster refunds

- We act as your representative in front of federal (IRS), state, and local agencies to help resolve your issue in a timely manner

Bank Reconciliation

We keep our eyes on your accounts so you don't have to.

- Review every transaction that runs through your organization in order to identify lost checks, unauthorized transactions, or errors

- By timely reconciling and objecting to unauthorized, fraudulent, or forged checks, we can quickly dispute and remove your responsibility


We ensure all the details are perfect 

to keep you and your team productive and growing.

- Direct Deposit for all employees as well as online access to their own pay stubs

- Payment of all payroll taxes in a timely manner with electronic deposit

- Filling all quarterly and yearly statements electronically for you, including copies of W-2s and 1099s for your employees and contractors

Accounts Payable

Never miss another payment deadline again.

- Enter and pay all bills

- Process employee expense reports

- Provide digital access to your paid bills

Business Consultating Advice

Translating your financial data 

into a strategic roadmap to grow your profits.

- Month-end financial statements

- Video conferencing to review key performance measures

- Advice about changes you can make to reach your financial goals

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