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Practice & Experience

We are a values-driven accounting team, specializing in serving equity-centered entrepreneurs and socially-conscious small to medium-sized businesses.

We are confident in how we honor and grow our clients’ businesses, each with its individual challenges and advantages. One-size-fits-all is not in our toolbox. 

We intentionally partner with businesses and individuals 

motivated by more than just their bottom line. 

Our Experience- in Taxes and Life

You’ll get the benefit of every single one of our 25 years’ worth of professional tax experience, plus all the life and work lessons we’ve gathered along the way.

Our Vibe - Your
Tax Expert Friends

No matter what your dreams are, we’re always on your side. We’ll never talk down to you—you’re here because we are tax experts, but you are the expert on stuff we don’t know.

Our Trust is a Two-Way Street

We’ll remember your kids’ names and share our lemon bar recipe, if you want it. But the core of our relationship will be trust — and it goes both ways. We trust you, and you trust us.



Dacia Grimes is a CPA in Louisville, KY helping service-based business owners minimize their tax liabilities. Dacia believes businesses should not only focus on profit maximization but also consider their impact on the community and environment. In addition to running her own business, In her spare time, Dacia enjoys reading, puzzles, and traveling with her three daughters. 

Francisco Jean-Jacques comes to Grimes and Associates, LLC with over ten years of tax experience in tax preparation, tax audits, sales tax, and accounting. He earned his BS in Accounting from Brooklyn College in 2007. In his spare time, he enjoys competitive gaming, horror movies, and spending time with his partner and daughter.

Our Community Spirit

We are community-builders. We help connect people and organizations who we think should know each other, just because we love bringing like-minded people together to do great things.

Our Forward Thinking Strategies

We are passionate about staying on top of opportunities that will benefit our clients—from ever-changing business tax laws to the nuances of tax protections and benefits for LGBTQ individuals and parents.

Our Availability is:
We are available

We are committed to being responsive and proactive with our communications. Radio-silence is not our style. You’ll hear from us plenty, but we are always happy to hear from you.

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